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Spa Treatments & Packages

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast


Honeybee offers in-house massages in our private spa area. Nita Moore is an amazing therapist who specializes in deep tissue, total relaxation therapy and therapeutic massages. She has a stellar reputation with my guests. If you would like to book a massage, please add the massage you are interested in to your reservation at time of reservation.

Then call Nita to actually BOOK the massage time. 920-382-4244. 


Cancellations over 48 hours in advance receive full refund.

Cancellations on the day of your check-in will either receive a gift-certificate to Honeybee Inn or a cancellation fee of $35.

Gift certificates are good for one year.

Remember to add your package to your reservation and CALL NITA to book. 920-382-4244

Two person 1- hour massages $180

Two person 90- min massage $240

One person 90- min massage $120

Massages are done separately, not as a couple.

Room not included

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Detoxification, Relaxation and great for Circulation Session with Chromotherapy

Sweating is good for you. It is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Infrared sauna detoxification happens by heating the body directly, causing a rise in core temperature. This results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside. Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation. Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to that seen during exercise.


Relax, listen to music and enjoy our new Coastal Saunas Malibu ‘one person’ infrared sauna with the latest full-spectrum infrared technology and chromotherapy included as an option. Infrared heats your core temperature without making the room uncomfortably hot, so you can stay in longer and get more benefits. Infrared penetrates and heats living tissue but not items such as plastic and metal so you can listen to music or watch a video on your computer if you like.

This is a one person sauna.

30 MINUTES – $25

45 MINUTES – $35

60 MINUTES – $50

*Room not included

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

COMPHY sheets

“Devloped for Spa. Designed for Ahh.”

Soft as a cloud, with a touch that is as light as air, the high-performance fabric used in Comphy sheets took years to develop. There are imitators, but there simply is nothing else that feels and lasts like Comphy.  


In addition to being famously and luxuriously soft, these sheets are:

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Quick-drying
  • Treated for stain release
  • Recyclable
  • Protective against allergens
  • Scientifically proven to promote sleep
  • $200 a set ( Queen or King) includes all shipping and taxes.

Other sizes available. For more information please contact the innkeeper. 920 485 4855


Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Seasonal Fire Logs

Cozy up and relax with a soft throw and watch the flames. Only available in the Queen Bee and Country Nectar rooms. Purchase fire logs here.


Seasonal – fire logs November 1- April 15

The Queen Bee and Country Nectar rooms have the old coal burning fireplaces. We offer clean burning logs to purchase.

$6.50 each.

Absolutely NO WOOD allowed to burn in fireplaces.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Romance Special

Long stemmed roses if available or seasonal bouquet in your room along with and assortment of fine gourmet chocolates.

Bottle of regular or non-alcoholic wine.


Be sure to put on your reservation the beverage of your choice e.g. Cabernet, Chardonnay, Riesling Etc.


*Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Cheese, Fruit and Meat Tray for 2

A beautiful tray made especially for you by our famous local cheese chalet located in Mayville, WI. Your tray will consists of special local cheese, seasonal fruit, cured meats and crackers with a few fun extras. Please note for specialty cheeses there may be a small extra charge.


$35 basic small tray

$45 basic large tray

Cheese used on our trays will compliment most taste buds. For the “cheese connoisseur” and special cheeses, please contact the cheese store directly and they will make sure you get what you want. They have it all. Prices may vary depending on the request.

920 387 7930

For more information on local cheeses visit:

*Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Seasonal)

Upon arrival you will receive strawberries for two from our local market dipped in yummy gourmet chocolate or cream cheese stuffed strawberries dipped in chocolate. Either way, yum yum.


$20 for chocolate covered strawberries

$30 for cream cheese stuffed chocolate covered strawberries

*Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Decorated Cake for 2

Remember that special occasion with a yummy, yummy cake from our local bakery. Beautifully decorated cake for two and presented with a beautiful flower with a fun Honey Bee Mine note card.


Just let the innkeeper know when you reserve your room if you would like chocolate or vanilla cake with either buttercream or whipped cream icing.


*Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Hand thrown mugs

Hand thrown mugs with Honeybee Inn logo. Before you depart choose 1 or 2 mugs to keep. Choose from the many different styles and colors when you get here. All mugs are locally made in Neenah WI. They are dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. No Cadium and lead free.


Mugs are $25.00 each and includes tax

*Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Travel Guard Insurance

Because we are a small inn cancellations affect us significantly. Please read our cancellation policy. Cancellations within 7 days owe the full amount of the reservation unless we can rebook the room. *Room not included.

Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Early Check-In / Late Check-out

Customize your stay with adding either Early Check-In or Late Check-out to your room.

*Only available by calling innkeeper


Early check-in 2pm: add $50 to room cost


late check out 1pm: add $50 to room cost

Please call innkeeper to check availability and make arrangements for


Packages, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast

Birds and Bees Lunch Special

Hike or Paddle the Marsh! Hike the scenic Horicon Marsh! Maps for 3 different trails. Let the innkeeper know your choices.

Package includes a map, a gourmet picnic lunch consisting of: 2 deluxe turkey, roast beef or ham sandwiches on sub buns, 2 bags of chips, 1 pasta salad, 2 fruit, 4 cookies and 2 bottles of water.

Read More +

Lunch is packed in a “picnic backpack” for you to take with you at the time you request. Please be sure to put on your reservation what meat you would like for you sandwiches and if mayo and mustard are okay.


$45 for lunch only.

For kayak rentals, please go to for prices and inventory.

*Room not included