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Breakfast, Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast
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For Breakfast option Wednesday - Sunday
➡️Blue Heron
Sunday option
Sunday Brunch
➡️ Iron Ridge Sunday Brunch

At Honeybee

Simple and classic breakfasts.


Breakfast is at your choosing, 8:00am or 8:30am and is served in the dining room where guests sit together. No one goes away hungry.

If you are unable to attend breakfast during the time frame or would prefer to not sit at a shared table, do not worry, we also offer a special discount for the "no breakfast" option or choose the simple Grab Bag To-GO option. Available to add on at time of reservation. Also Check out the new amazing restaurant for breakfast or a Sunday Brunch

Blue Heron

➡️Sunday Brunch at Iron Ridge Inn

Chef's Choice Full Breakfast available to add-on.
Discounted rates for the "no breakfast" option.
Choose our "Basic Grab Bag" to -go.

We do a “Chef’s Choice” breakfast here at Honeybee.

Luscious baked goods such as blueberry puff bakes, amazing baked French toasts, hot egg casseroles, delectable pastries (from an amazing local bakery), mouth-watering quiches and fruity muffins. Flaky croissants served with eggs and local Canadian style bacon to name a few.

We do our best to cater to special diets. Gluten free, vegetarian, keto, lactose free, etc., our pleasure.

We also offer in-season fresh fruit, Nueske’s bacon (the best) and sausages, a variety of Stash Teas, coffee and fruit juice. A full hearty breakfast at Honeybee Inn!

Don't forget, you can always choose the discounted rate for the "no breakfast" option or choose the simple Grab Bag to-go at the time of reservation.

The Blue Heron Coffee House serves lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, etc. and now offers scrumptious baked goods and morning breakfast bakes. (4 blocks away)

On Sunday, Iron Ridge Inn offers an amazing brunch. (4 miles away)