A Romantic Getaway at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

October 19, 2019 | All Posts

5 Reasons to plan a romantic getaway to our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

Though our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place to stay if you plan to visit the Horicon Marsh, this incredible natural resource is not the only reason to stay with us. Our Inn is the perfect place to escape for a romantic getaway.

The Honeybee Inn is located just an hour from both Madison and Milwaukee, and only 3 hours from Chicago, but it feels as though it’s miles away from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern cities. The nearby town of Mayville is filled with charm and character, along with many of the amenities–like good restaurants–that you want to enjoy on a romantic getaway.  Come see what makes us special. Book a room at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today!

5 Reasons to stay at our Romantic Bed and Breakfast

It really goes without saying that you should spend ample time at the
Horicon Marsh while visiting our romantic Bed and Breakfast. This magnificent 32,000-acre marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the country, and is home to almost 300 species of birds. It is, without a doubt, the premier birding hot spot in the midwest. In fact, the fall bird migration is just getting underway. As the temperatures continue to drop this fall, species like Canada geese, ducks, sandhill cranes, blackbirds, and many more will make their presence known at the Horicon Marsh.

5 Reasons for a romantic getaway at our Wisconsin Bed and BreakfastThat’s not the only reason to visit our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast, though. Here are 4 more reasons to make us your romantic getaway destination this winter:

  1. We offer 4 beautifully appointed, private guest rooms for your enjoyment. From elegant Victorian, country chic, cottage style, to transitional, there is something to please all tastes. We also offer a delightful array of value-added amenities, including cozy plush spa robes, gourmet chocolates at the bedside, two-person romantic air jet tubs with whirlpool fragrance oils in some rooms, fireplaces (seasonal), king and queen beds, and more.
  2. Sleep in, and let us make you a delicious, made-from-scratch, gourmet breakfast each morning of your stay. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us don’t take the time to sit back and enjoy it on an every-day basis.  It’s our special treat, made with your pleasure in mind, and is included in the cost of your stay.
  3. There are plenty of other great attractions in the area other than Horicon Marsh. Popular attractions include Widmer’s Cheese Cellar, the Columbus Antique Mall, Holy Hill, and the Edwin Brix Vineyard.
  4. You’ll enjoy lower rates in the winter than you would in the spring and summer. As always, booking directly on our website is the best way to get our lowest rates.

Plan Now for Future Visits to Horicon Marsh

5 Reasons for a romantic getaway at our Wisconsin Bed and BreakfastWhile these fall and winter months are a great time to plan a romantic getaway to our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast, it’s also a great time to start planning ahead for future visits. Each visit to the Marsh is certainly unique, with a delightful array of birds, wildlife, and habitats to explore. We know one trip through this incredible area and you’ll be hooked, wanting to come back time and time again. Each time you do, the Honeybee Inn will be here waiting to welcome you back into our comfortable accommodations.

Though we don’t think there’s any particularly bad time to visit Horicon Marsh, it’s definitely more popular in the spring and summer.  The spring and fall bird migrations bring over 500,000 birds to the area as they migrate to their seasonal homes, and during the summer many birds make the marsh their home to breed and raise their young. It’s also a wonderful place to explore via boat, kayak, or bike, and becomes quite popular with tourists during these busy warmer months.

With only 4 guest rooms to offer and an unbeatable location, we certainly are busy during those peak seasons at the Horicon Marsh. Whether you want to celebrate special occasions with us or just come for a few restful days at our comfortable accommodations, now is a great time to plan and book those rooms for future travels. Book your rooms today!